Adelaide's First 10 Star Home

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Applying tangible innovation through the Ten Star Home, SUHO is supporting future thinking ‘performance & aesthetic’ design processes. through collaborative construction which forms resilient relationships and supported by social theory, the integrated advanced technology empowers the consumer with immersive education. Our goal is reiterative feedback

 of data to governing bodies, associations, industry and community. This allows benchmarks to be raised and therefore the collective emissions to be lowered whilst aligning our vision with supporting changemakers. Seeking to stimulate a sustainable transition, innovative demonstration allows SUHO to multimodally deliver immersive design,

feed ‘thought’ into replication and thus for use in micro self-sustaining communities which aligns infrastructure in society. A human centered approach to new technology is being future ready, embracing inherent design complexities and expanding opportunities to adopt a low emissions lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the 10 Star Home located?

The 10 Star Home is Located at 39 Glen Stuart Rd in Woodforde, South Australia.

Is the home open to the public to view?