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The strategy of the 10 Star Home was to provide inclusive environments to demonstrate how aspects of the building industry can foster a social commitment to an ecologically sustainable future through clever design, and collaborative and resilient relationships. The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS), is a performance based rating system that rates the energy efficiency of a home, based on its design. While the minimum compliance for homes in Australia is 6 stars, the design of the 10 Star Home goes above and beyond 10 stars. One of the most significant challenges in this space is helping home builders and buyers to understand the benefits of designing to contribute to a circular economy through durability and adaptability. The 10 Star Home is an opportunity to demonstrate what is possible when contemporary construction materials, techniques, and interdisciplinary interactions. The collaborating partnerships in the industry that contributed to the success of the design have given weight to our objectives to provide a wave of movement towards a sustainable future. With the support of industry professionals, the goal of the 10 Star Home is to be able to provide reiterative feedback of data to governing bodies, associations, industry and community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the 10 Star Home located?

The 10 Star Home is Located at 41 Glen Stuart Rd in Woodforde, South Australia.

Is the home open to the public to view?

The home will not be available for walk-ins at this stage. Stay tuned on SUHO social media pages or subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive tours and open days.

What circumstances initiated the home's development?

The home build was undertaken as SUHO has a long standing history of designing and optimising buildings to a high star level. After wining the BDAV 10 Star Challenge one year, they chose to put it into practice and undertake an 'as built' 10 star rating to feedback the information to the regulatory software developers, to improve the standards of building in Australia. CSIRO, the software developer for First Rate, has not had a 10 star home to evaluate also. The home will be monitored to give as-built data which also can then inform the future of the star bands and predicted energy loads on buildings. 

Who will live there?

There wont be anyone living there in the interim while the home is being monitored in the early days. The back end of the ratings program also are able to be manipulated in non-regulation mode to adjust the occupancy patterns so that the comparison can be made. The importance of this is that the current occupancy in the software for compliance, isn't reflected of a 'case-by-case' family, or even indicative of the differences between how one person would operate compared to another. 

Why 10 stars?

Why not? 🙂 We can improve homes to a high star rating using the tech SUHO has at its disposal. Making it 10 stars as built is harder. Looking at the effect of what the higher insulation does to ventilation and air gaps is an important thing to inform in the future also. Hoping that this makes the next major round of upgrade to the simulation software

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