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Why we're involved?

Because I wanted to be involved in assisting the delivery of Adelaides first 10 star house!

How we're assisting in resilient built environments.

Sustainability is always a slippery fish. You are constantly trying to balance the need to be sustainable at the point of construction and upfront cost with the ability to be sustainable over the life of the building and the long term cost savings that are associated with that. Our products focus on making sure that the built environment maintains its high performance for the life of the building.

Adding health and amenity for the user.

When it comes to health and comfort the pinnacle is with our building wraps. They ensure that not only an air tight building envelope is maintained but that the moisture produced in the building is able to escape and not become trapped in wall and roof voids. A situation where this happens is what leads to sick building syndrome.

Empowering owners choices.

We work collaboratively with home owners to balance their upfront cost on choices in materials that are sustainably sourced with the long term benefit of products that will perform well into the future resulting in a home that maintains its low energy performance throughout its life.

Increasing our presence in the community to encourage future thinking design.

As a society we are using our resources faster than we are replacing them. This is simply the opposite of sustainable.

The biggest issue with sharing a sustainability model (of construction) with the community is that the road to sustainability started out as a high cost one. This is becoming less and less true as we find better, faster and more efficient methods to re-use products for the purposes of construction.

However, there is more to the sustainability message than just using materials that are sustainable now. There is little benefit in using a material that is sustainable to produce today, but wont last more than 10 years. Balancing the difference between a product with high embodied energy today, that will provide a benefit to the building for its entire life, against one that is low embodied energy today, but won’t last the lifetime of the building is not easy!

The reason we are into selling our high performance building wraps is that these sit in a good sweet spot. They do have a degree of embodied energy, however, once installed in a building they will last for (literally) a 100 years. During this time they will protect the structure of the building from moisture build up and the resulting mould growth, rot and rust that comes with it. This means for a small hit to sustainability now, you are vastly improving the comfort and longevity of the building….its win win!

Our Products

High performance monolithic nonporous membrane

Product Name: ProClima Solitex Extasana

High-performance vapour check

Product Name: ProClima Intello Plus

Multi-purpose Adhesive Tape

Product Name: ProClima Tescon Vana

Weathertight corner sealing tape

Product Name: ProClima Tescon Extora

Sill Tape

Product Name: ProClima Tescon Extoseal

Sealing grommets for pipes

Product Name: ProClima Roflex