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Why we're involved?

FIMER is committed to driving progress for a cleaner and more sustainable world. The 10 Star Home highlights to homeowners, architects, builders and developers that living sustainably is possible and cost-effective. FIMER is proud to have provided our REACT 2 system, which is a hybrid inverter and energy storage solution. Solar and Battery storage in homes enables homeowners to do better for not only the environment but also their pocket.

How we're assisting in resilient built environments.

FIMER’s vision is to shape a new and powerful energy model that uses the power of the sun to drive progress and prosperity for a cleaner and sustainable world.  As a global leader in solar inverter technology, we have the energy to make positive change happen, and we are committed to serving our customers with clean, affordable energy which truly benefits people and the world.

Adding health and amenity for the user.

The REACT 2 provides homeowners with the peace of mind that they can continue to power parts of their home if there is a temporary loss of power from the energy grid. If there is a black-out and the sun is still shining, you can generate and consume the energy in your house, and if the black-out happens at night, you can use the power that you have stored from your battery system.

Empowering owners choices.

The great thing about the REACT 2 battery storage is that it allows homeowners to choose the right size system for their home from 4kWh, to 8kWh up to 12kWh.

Increasing our presence in the community to encourage future thinking design.

FIMER technology helps our customers build a world that relies on responsible energy comes from a place where environmental respect is an absolute value, not just a market trend. Our headquarters in Vimercate, Italy has been designed to set an example, as it has a zero-carbon impact with a 1 MW solar system, highly sustainable materials and the best technologies in the field of geothermal energy.

We work every day to improve our solutions, providing customer support and developing new technologies that respond better and better to the challenges of the future. Thanks to the continuous evolution of our offer, our inverters guarantee such high yields that they produce more energy than the market average. In the e-mobility sector, our research and development activities concentrate – among other projects – on the creation of an Ultra-Fast 350 kWh charging station: a step forward that promises to revolutionise how people charge their vehicles.

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Model Number: REACT2-UNO & REACT2-BATT

EV charger

Model Number: AC-EVC-S00x