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Lonsdale SA 5160

Why we're involved?

We believe in the benefits of polished concrete as a building material and wanted to highlight the benefits of our Mirafloor polished concrete system for use in green star projects.

How we're assisting in resilient built environments.

Polished concrete is a finished floor from a structural building material removing the need for additional manufactured floor coverings that increase the carbon footprint of the construction process. It is long lasting, able to be repolished back to new and has fantastic thermal retention properties when building design is complementary.

Adding health and amenity for the user.

Polished concrete is hypoallergenic, easy to clean and has fantastic thermal retention properties. It is light reflective and aesthetically pleasing.

Empowering owners choices.

One of the focuses of our business is to have clients design with the future in mind. We highlight the benefits of being able to bring their polished floor back to new without a great cost to the environment. We actively encourage clients to look at designing buildings to maximise the natural light to heat their homes in winter and appreciate the cooling effect during the summer.

Increasing our presence in the community to encourage future thinking design.

As a leader in polished concrete flooring systems, we have been at the forefront of a movement to a more sustainable future. We drive innovation of sustainable floor surface finishes in our industry and have proven that low VOC solutions are effective, aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to the end user. During the construction phase, our low VOC solutions, which we have developed within our system has benefits of increasing workplace safety and reducing down time and ultimately cost on site. Proven by our specification on multi-level 6 Star Green Star designed buildings, we actively engage with designers, builders and the end user on the most effective way to achieve environmentally sound and architecturally beautiful results.

In striving for increased sustainability of the production of polished concrete floors, we constantly review the best practice for waste management, packaging, reduction of fuel usage and streamlining operations to make production of the floors themselves leave as little footprint as possible.

Our involvement in this 10 Star designed home via our Mirafloor Polished Concrete System is another step along the road to promoting sustainable building practices and we aim to continue driving sustainability in the building industry toward widespread adoption.

Our Products

Mirafloor Polished Concrete System

Model Number: Mirafloor Polished Concrete – decorative internal polished concrete system
Credientails Specifications Credientails Specifications
Green tag Certified Recycled or Reused content
Carbon Neutral Local production in situ production of floor finish
Carbon Positive Removes the need for manufactured floor finishes Low Embodied Energy
Low VOC Water based sealers and consamables used in manufacture Neutral VOC