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Why we're involved?

It accords with the direction of our business goals to be the leading provider green energy efficient building solutions.

How we're assisting in resilient built environments.

At STIEBEL ELTRON, we were one of the first to realise that electricity is the energy source of the future. It's an infinite resource – unlike gas – so it's eco-friendly and ideal for preserving our natural resources.

We have consistently focused on the development and production of green, energy efficient heating solutions. Today, we're able to offer you products which will make your home fit for the future.

Empowering owners choices.

Showrooms in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Queensland.
We are active members of Renew, Australian Passive House Association, and we are a sponsor of Sustainable House Day 2019.
2019 events include All Energy and Master Builders Green Living Conference in Melbourne.

Adding health and amenity for the user.

Modern homes are so airtight that virtually no energy is lost. Low energy houses have an airtight building envelope, which is used mainly to prevent heat loss. This also stops any natural air changes and makes mechanical ventilation essential. There are numerous benefits to ventilation including

  • Keeping rooms fresh
  • Preventing moisture and mould growth
  • Reducing symptoms of asthma and hay fever
  • Reduction of harmful emissions
  • Energy efficiency through heat recovery

Gas is a highly regulated installation process to ensure that it’s safe for the residents.
Heat pump is a straightforward installation, provides low running costs, and by getting off gas, the resident only has to pay one utility bill.

Our Products


Model Number: LWZ 170 E PLUS


Model Number: WWK 222/222H and WWK 302/302H